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Engage K-12 students with simple metaphorical learning.  Immerse them in the fantasy world of Grammar Castle and the Kingdom of Writing.


         Grammar Castle is designed to make the chore of learning grammar rules amusing and memorable with full-color story workbooks.  Introducing each part of speech as a character in a story helps students grasp the rules or "character traits" of each one they meet. In fact, our Story & Songbook can review the 8 parts of speech with an older student in just 15 minutes.

King Verb and Queen Noun have quite a story to tell!


  Mastering writing skills is the keystone of every child's education. Lessons from By the Book Writing, our Research Manual, and the Knights of the Write Table make writing simple and formulaic, as your student learns to battle the Knights of the Wrong Table~

the troublemakers of Writing.     

Discover the Kingdom of Writing through adventures in Grammar Castle, and become a Knight of the Write Table.

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Rainbow Resource Center Review



"Grammar Castle offers an intriguing approach to language arts that is both beautiful and uplifting. It starts out gently, but it has strong academic content that fits especially well with both classical and Charlotte Mason approaches to education."

Cathy Duffy

of Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

"I've been meaning to write you about the [middle school] textbook . . . it's brilliant! I absolutely love the characters and story, the way everything is organized, the way grammar is taught in tiny, bite-sized, digestible nuggets, and the way the writing process is broken down into tiny, bite-sized, steps. Each sentence of that Esther Essay was prompted. That kind of guidance is so unique! I cannot tell you how thankful I am."

Ashley Barnett

A home-school mom from the Dallas Co-Op

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The perfect pair to any of our other products.

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