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E-BOOK: Middle School Teacher E-book (474p))

E-BOOK: Middle School Teacher E-book (474p))


Enjoy Lesson 1 for free. Download the free samples for the student and the teacher so that you can get immediate feedback.  The Teacher Edition (474 pages)is a mirror of the student text to make it simple to grade.  Feel equipped with teacher notes and answers as you lead your student on an adventure through the Kingdom of Writing. 


Review the 8 parts of the speech, and meet the good knights who will lead you from being a peasant of Writing to becoming a page, then a squire, and ultimately a Knight of the Write Table with Sir Sentence, Sir Punctuation, Sir Usage, and Sir Rhythm.However, beware of the enemy, the Knights of the Wrong Table: Sir Run-ons-a-lot, Sir Wrong Words, Sir Mismark, and Sir Fragment. The bad knights live in Fools’ Forest, where you will begin your journey to knighthood. (454 pages)


The Book of Esther, A Christmas Carol, Peter Pan, and scripture about Jesus are all included in the text. Your student will complete 1 essay, 4 paragraphs, and 1 creative story in the text. If you want him/her to complete more writing, purchase By the Book Writing on our website.


Enjoy the mirrored Teacher Edition with answers and tips for teaching! See the mirrored Teacher Edition with answers and tips for teaching. The Middle School Grade Student Edition (Printed or Digital) and Teacher Edition (E-book only) are sold separately.

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