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Middle School Student Text (Print-474 p)

Middle School Student Text (Print-474 p)




Discover the Kingdom of Writing through adventures in Grammar Castle. Using a metaphorical kingdom, this interactive grammar program helps students to get a grasp on grammar while learning to write well. Why not learn grammar in a fun way!


Each part of speech is a character living in the Kingdom of Writing, so it is easy for students to remember them and their functions.

Review the 8 parts of the speech, and meet the good knights who will lead you from being a peasant of Writing to becoming a page, then a squire, and ultimately a Knight of the Write Table with Sir Sentence, Sir Punctuation, Sir Usage, and Sir Rhythm.

However, beware of the enemy, the Knights of the Wrong Table:  Sir Run-ons-a-lot, Sir Wrong Words, Sir Mismark, and Sir Fragment. The bad knights live in Fools’ Forest, where you will begin your journey to knighthood. (474 pages)


The Book of Esther, A Christmas Carol, Peter Pan, and scripture about Jesus are all included in the text. Your student will complete 1 essay, 4 paragraphs, and 1 creative story in the text. If you want him/her to complete more writing, purchase By the Book Writing on our website.


The printed version of the Middle School Textbook is shrink-wrapped so that you can put the text in a 3-ring notebook. (This purchase only includes the Student Edition of the textbook. This is a good option if you have already purchased the Teacher Edition.)


[Be sure to purchase the mirrored Teacher Edition with answers and tips for teaching. You may purchase the Teacher Edition separately or with the Student Text. See your options.]

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